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Who are we ?
We are a team of professional and experienced sourcing experts based in Hong Kong and France. We have been working with the French and other European buyers for years and established a good network and relationship with them.
Through long periods of working closely with the French buyers, we have a very deep understanding of their practice and thinking, as well as their expectations, requirements and needs.
Our Strengths :
1. Trilingual - Our staff are proficient in Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), English and French; this will greatly enhance communication and eliminate barriers among clients from Europe and China.
2. Impartial - We are not biased towards anyone party and protect the interests of both manufacturers and buyers. Where conflicts occur, we will find the best possible solution in order to achieve a win-win situation for the all parties concerned.
3. Direct and clear - We keep close liaison with our clients. We explain and are frank about the potentials of a production / product idea as well as the challenges that are likely to come up. This will facilitate any decision making of our clients.
4. Experienced - We have been in the field for years and fully understand clients' concerns and needs. We will try our best to smoothen or speed up any procedures pertaining to the successful delivery of services and products.
5. Direct Promotion - Through our website and Purchasing Director in Paris, we will actively identify and promote your products to suitable buyers direct .
6. One-stop shop - We manage the order from the moment the order is received until it is delivered, ensuring minimum hassles to manufacturers.
7. Follow-ups - Staff in both our Hong Kong and Paris offices will provide post- delivery service if necessary to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
8. Strong Networks - We have reliable logistics partners to arrange for clearance of customs, shipment and delivery of goods.
Suppliers we need
Asia Expert Sourcing Ltd strikes to work with reliable and competitive Asian suppliers which have a track record of supplying high quality products to European buyers.

We are looking for suppliers which :
  • 1. adhere to the specifications of products concerned;
  • 2. comply with the CE norms and rules which are practised in Europe;
  • 3. and follow the agreed schedule of mass production when an order is confirmed
Products we are looking for
Our clients are mainly buyers of consumer products such as gifts and premiums, housewares, consumer electronics items and fashion accessories

If you think that your products will suit our clients and are confident that you are able to fulfill our requirements, you are welcome to send us your catalogues or contact our Hong Kong team directly.
Asia Expert Sourcing Ltd

Rm 5B, 5/F., Harvest Moon House,
337-339 Nathan Road,
General line: +852 3791 2121
Fax: +852 3791 2120
Notre approche
Yen Tchéou et Joanna Lam, fondatrices d'Asia Expert Solutions, expliquent leur approche du sourcing.
Le saviez-vous ?
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Le saviez-vous ?
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